Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I know it's supposed to be wordless...but allow me a few quick words to tell you that we have a brand new Instagram account!! We had a blast last night at our Art Journaling class - met some fantastic new journalers and even welcomed back an old friend :)
When I instagrammed our background page, I added a few hashtags as I usually do.  After class, I have a hard time sleeping so I was clicking on our hashtags and seeing what else came up. And so, today I will share some of my favourites with you.
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# artjournal - from instagrammer marksqueen

#yeg - from instagrammer breezy252

#mixedmedia - from instagrammer scrapwitchlisa

#izinks - from instagrammer yvonneyam

#ScrapAddicts - from one of our instructors!

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