Monday, 8 September 2014

Let's Get on Track....

Our poor, sad and neglected blog...
Summer seemed to get us way off track so we sat down and thought about how to get back on track...
and short of hiring minions, we thought a schedule would be a great idea!!
We came up with some ideas...but if there's something you want us to blog about, we would love to hear it!
Our new blogging schedule:

Monday - What's Up - posts about what classes are happening this week, exciting things we are up to  and what product we are expecting.

Tuesday - Mixed Media Mania - we will highlight Mixed Media artists, products, companies...anything we can thing of that has joined and inspired the mixed media world!

Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday - it has been around forever in the blogging world.... No words in this post but photos that caught our attention!

Thursday - Happy Stampers - we will highlight all things stampy!  It may be the products to go along with your stamps, techniques, and stampers that make us smile!

Friday - Spark Your Inspiration - what better way to inspire you than to show your our top 5 Pinterest pins of the week?!

Tell us what you think!  And check back later for our first What's Up post!

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