Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mixed Media Mania - Karenika Style

Several years ago, I was at a scrapbook event that was held for retailers in town.  At the time, I taught for a store and was thrilled to be given the opportunity to go and take classes from amazing people in the industry like Tim Holtz (an incredible instructor), Vicki Boutin (fabulous and funny!), Liz Hicks (ah-maz-ing and totally got that my hands were my best paintbrush) and companies like Tattered Angel, Bo Bunny, Graphic 45 and many more.  It was a fun weekend and I really learned a lot. 
At the time, Margie Romney had just started up a company called The Girls' Paperie, sadly gone now :( and so we were very excited to see it.  As we wandered through the booths, we stopped and chatted with many of the salespeople and artists who were in them.  Margie had us chatting for a long time...her warm and genuine spirit had us from the get go.  As we were chatting, a layout caught my eye and I was stunned by how much I loved it.  It was nothing like most layouts I had seen before.....lots of white space and random, messy journaling....random?... messy? that was my kind of style!

After gushing over it, Margie allowed me to take a picture of it and so I went home and googled...and came across a blog that I have now followed ever since - Karenika.
  Imagine how happy I was to discover that not only did she scrapbook like me (one pagers, lots of white space, love of banners and stitching...I was in heaven!) but she also ART JOURNALED!!
I was a little bummed out by the fact that most of her pages involved drawing but was still drawn to them and found myself just wandering through her galleries for inspiration.  
I encourage you today to wander her blog or search for her work on Pinterest and feel inspired!!  
Here are some of my favourites

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