Tuesday, 12 November 2013

You Want To Know What's Awesome?

What's awesome is taking a big leap of faith and opening a business.  But it's even more awesome with a friend - in a business that made you friends in the first place.

What's awesome is finding the perfect location and having things just fall right into place so that you can open sooner than you expected.

What's beyond awesome is the encouragement and support you are given.  And the friends and family that drop everything they are doing to come help. They give up their few hours off to come help out and make our space even more incredible than it already was.  

So this blog post is a huge thank you to some awesome people:

Thank you to Sean, Chad, Denis, and Andrew for making our classroom just like we pictured it and especially our gorgeous new sink! And hours of entertainment :)  You may not understand this hobby of ours but your encouragement is overwhelming.

Thank you Meaghan and Matt for giving us your long weekend, your fabulous pricing skills, and your endless support.

Thank you Tina for your superb taping skills!

Thank you to Tina, Andrea, and Michelle for joining our team and sharing in the excitement with us.

Thank you to Jere and Ashley for giving up your time and helping us with stock.  Your enthusiasm makes all those boxes go so much quicker!

Thank you to Shannon, Steve and Erin for being our emergency tech team!

Thank you to Jackie and Dave for the delivery and advice!

Thank you to Don for helping with our slat wall! 

A big thank you to the gals who joined us for a potluck supper-we loved hearing your ideas and we were so glad you joined us in the midst of the chaos!

And lastly, thank you to everyone who took the time to email, text, message or call us to offer your time and encouragement. Thanks for joining us in this awesome adventure!
See you on opening day!

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  1. Wishng you all the best on your endevor. May it be a long and happy ride!