Monday, 4 November 2013

Big Things Are Happening!

Welcome to our first official blog post!  We have been so grateful for the amount of encouragement and support - we can't wait to be open!  We spent the weekend freshening up our already beautiful space:

This was the cash area before...the colour was not speaking to us :)  Notice we work harder with coffee!  We were so happy to discover both a Starbucks and a Tim Horton's so close to our new space!  Our cash desk is already beautiful but we will be attacking it with some sandpaper and a little Inka Gold this week.

Look how much better the chocolate brown warms up the space!   And the yummy cake that was dropped off to us :)  This space is such a perfect spot to display our classes - we have 4 instructors that can't wait to share their love of papercrafting with you!  

And speaking of instructors...we worked hard to make sure our classroom  was what our customers have been telling us they wanted -

 a wall to divide the space - a wall with outlets and cupboards and countertops!  We have so many outlets in the store which is fantastic for classes!

Awesome tables and COMFY chairs!  And fantastic lighting!

And now we're getting ready for all the stock!!  We've been searching for stock that will be new and exciting for you and we can't wait to rip open the boxes!  
We will be introducing our instructors later this week and giving you sneak peeks of the goodies that are arriving.   Thanks for joining us on the adventure!

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  1. Whoo hoo!!! So very excited and so very exciting!! The store is looking fantastic - and those chairs ARE super comfy :-) Can't wait to see it stocked full of wonderful products! Congratulations, Cori-Lyn and Ivy!!!