Sunday, 11 January 2015

CHA RECAP - Day Three

Well we made it another day!

This morning, we were up bright and early to play with some Ranger goodies and get a little dirty.  And then we shopped...and shopped, and shopped and then shopped a little more!

Shopping is actually harder than it sounds.  We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products and then trying to decide which of the goodies we are going to bring in.  Today, we made an emergency text to one of our staff members because we were stuck between two lines -- thanks Bree for helping us!

We really wish you could all come with us to help us shop ...but since we cant quite swing that, we are thankful for social media!  We love listening to what you guys think too!  We got several texts from a lovely lady asking us to look at certain goodies and send her feedback (thanks Alissa!) and a Facebook post asking us to check out a certain company which we have now picked up (thanks Elsa!)

We are really excited that we picked up the coolest new Heidi Swapp machine for the store - the Minc!!  Gold foil is one of the biggest trends we noticed here and the machine does just that - it foils!  And not just in gold but in 11 different colours! The machine will be available for use in the store so stay tuned for details!  Check out what this machine can do!

And...don't forget to check out our FLICKR ALBUM from today!!  Leave us some comments so we can finish up our shopping tomorrow!

And most of you know that both of us don't love having our photo taken...but how can you resist Tim?!

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