Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Stencil Me This, Stencil Me That! Stencil Girl Products In the Shop!

Three cheers for more stencils in the store!!  Check out these awesome Stencil Girl products just in:

Come on in and check them out, or shop online anytime!  As vast as our stencil collection is, there are even more ideas out there on how to use them!  Here are a few that caught my eye while browsing Pinterest . . .

One of my favourite techniques, dabbing inks onto the stencil, misting with water, then pressing the paper onto the stencil, transferring the ink onto the paper.  Gives such a beautiful effect!  Go on, you know you want to try it now . . . I'll be here when you get back ;-)

Here is a beautiful card that jumped out at me.  Love this look and want to try it!

Think off the page too, so many home decor ideas to use your stencils for too!  

A little out there for my personal taste, but stunning none the less - stencil your stairs!

Lastly, I stumbled upon this post and had to check it out.  This witty DIYer walks you thru stenciling your walls and what she does in her laundry room is just fabulous!!

Happy Stencilling!!  
And don't be shy, comment with a link to your latest or greatest stenciling project, we'd love to see!

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