Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Paper Bows with an Envelope Punch Board!

When We R Memory Keepers debuted their Envelope Punch Board at CHA last year, I immediately fell in love with this cool tool.  As a cardmaker, making a quick envelope for an odd sized card was a dream come true!  This fabulous tool makes over 60 different sizes of envelopes in no time at all...however, I also discovered  (thanks Pinterest!) something else it can do - it makes fabulous paper bows!  
We currently have these boards in stock (for only $22.00!)-give us a shout to reserve one today!

Last night in our Copic class, we all made one and were amazed at how fast and easy they were so I thought I would share it with you...

For the bow we made, you will need 3 pieces of paper:
2 -1" x 5"
1- 1" x 7"
And of course the amazing punch board!

Starting with the 5" piece - slide it over to the halfway mark (2.5") measurement and punch. 

 Flip the paper around and repeat on the opposite side so that it looks like this:

Slip the square edges into the corner rounder on the other side of the punch and round all edges.

Repeat with the 7" piece (using the halfway mark at 3.5").

For the other 5" piece, punch again in the center but DO NOT ROUND THE EDGES (we skipped this step last night but I found I actually liked it better this way!)
Instead, turn it vertically and eyeball about halfway and punch (if you are using a one inch strip, I found if you lined up the left side with the small piece that sticks out, that is about halfway).

Your three pieces should now look like this:

Using a ruler, curl the two pieces with the rounded edges:

Place glue dots on the inside of the rounded corners and match up with the other rounded corners and attach:

Do the same on the other side so that it looks like this:

Repeat with the larger bow and stack the two bows on top of the base piece, attach all layers together:

Embellish and voila...a pretty paper bow!

How cool is that?  I also found a great video that shows you how to make a gift box with the punch board too - check it out here

We are also expecting the new punch boards from We R Memory Keeper (gift bag, gift box, candy box and pillow box punches)  later this week!
Wishing you all a great day!


  1. Great idea! I have one nd will have to try it! TYFS. :)

  2. This is just so cool!!! Can't wait to try it with my new punch board :-)